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Simple Design and Basic Componentry

The Quick-CEB™ (Quick - Connect Electrical Box)/SnapPhase™ represents a new innovative technology in home wiring. The product line consists of a complete system for wiring homes which includes the following components:

Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ JUNCTION BOX
Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ RECEPTACLE
Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ COVER PLATES
Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ LOAD CENTER

Each Q-CEB™/SnapPhase unit is designed to work independently -- that is, each device does not rely on the installation of another in order to function. Furthermore, the flexible design of Q-CEB™ allows for the use of any one of the above products in conjunction with other conventional wiring devices.

The Receptacle is a molded polycarbonate housing that is self-contained and consists of four molded rear connector ports for alternative wiring configurations and molded-in-place internal bussing, which direct the “electrical current” inside the box. In other words the Receptacle is “already wired” and enclosed in a molded housing for safety! Simply attach a Q-CEB connector to the end of the Romex® wire and “snap” into the appropriate port on the back of the Receptacle. The Light Switch and Junction Box incorporate the same basic quick-connect design. The Cover Plate is similar to standard cover plates; except that it’s fit with the receptacle box is precise. It will be available in various colors. The Receptacle and Light Switch are designed to accept standard cover/wall plates. The Coupler/Splice is used to join two wall sections while on-site assembly occurs in HUD-Code, Modular and Panelized home construction. The Snap-In Connector accepts the two conductors with ground Romex® wire. The patented connector system will strip, retain and provide continuity in one simple action !
Sizes and shapes of the Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ products are made to look similar to conventional products on the market today. An attractive and familiar outside appearance lends to greater acceptance by installers and end-users
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