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Simple Design and Basic Componentry.

The Quick-CEBTM (Quick-Connect Electrical Box) /SnapPhaseTM represents a new innovative technology in home wiring. The product line consists of a Complete System for wiring homes.

Each Q-CEBTM/SnapPhaseTM unit is designed to work independently, that is, each device does not rely on the installation of another in order to function. Furthermore, the flexible design of Q-CEBTM allows for the use of any one of the Aslan products in conjunction with other conventional wiring devices. Most importantly NO STRIPPING is required saving time and eliminating waste.


All devices are colorized for ease of recognition. In other words each device is assigned a color e.g.: Duplex Receptacles Green, Single Pole Light Switches - Yellow, Couplers and Junction Boxes Blue and so on. This will aid the consumer when selecting the proper device for the application. Assigning colors will also make it easier to identify devices on construction sites.
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