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Crimp Tool

If you are installing several connectors at a time, the Aslan Crimping Tool is easy to use “cradling” the 12 AWG and 14 AWG Connectors into position.

Receptacle Inserts

Our patented Receptacle Inserts allow the Q-CEBTM Duplex Receptacles to be used in retro-fit applications. The Insert kit will allow you to match the profile of any conventional style receptacle currently installed. The Inserts will accept most “screw on” wall plates (available in bone, almond, dark brown and white).

Port Covers

Port Covers can be installed to fill the connector openings on any Aslan device. They are easily snapped into place preserving and protecting unused ports and are quickly removed using a small screw driver.


For ganging two or more receptacles or light switches, simply slide the interlocking Gang-Pin down between any two devices. A locking pin automatically locks the Gang-Pin in place. The locking pin can be depressed to reverse this action.

Drywall Clamp

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