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Welcome to Aslan!
Aslan Industries Corporation (AIC) is a Montoursville, PA based company which has developed new and innovative technology in home wiring. AIC has registered Quick-CEB™ and SnapPhase™ as the brand names of a patented line of a state-of-the-art system of electrical devices.

What’s New!?

SnapPhase connector and coupler
Aslan’s Quick-CEB™/SnapPhase™ will be positioned as a substantial cost-saving benefit. By dramatically reducing the time needed to install electrical devices Automated Builders can recover a minimum of 30% of the labor cost associated with the conventional wiring system for factory-produced homes. Additional cost –savings are realized with the Q-CEB™/SnapPhase™ products which significantly reduce waste in the form of copper wire. To illustrate the significance of this percentage, specifying Q-CEB™/SnapPhase™ equates to annual cost savings of at least $140,000 for just one mid-sized manufacturer. Q-CEB™/SnapPhase™ permits Automated Builders to increase their thin operating margins at a time when the market for residential construction has become increasingly challenging.

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